My aims

My aim is to provide a warm welcoming and stimulating environment, build relationships with the children in our care and make sure their individual needs are met so they can reach their full potential. I hope to offer children continuity of care as close to their home environment as possible. I would like children in our care to feel 'part of our family', and thus valued as a family member.

I understand the importance.​of working closely with the child's parents as nobody knows your child better than you. I will work with parents as partners in providing quality care for your child. I aim to support our parents in all aspects of their child's development and I respect parents/carers as their child's primary carer. I will always be available to discuss and provide support with development, special educational needs, child protection, health and individual progress. I welcome your thoughts and ideas regarding improvement and activities and we encourage you to work in partnership with us to complete your child's learning journey. I will continually review our service and will seek your advice and direction through regular contact, news letters and feedback forms.

For this reason, I aim to make and keep positive relationships with our parents and carers to ensure we are working together to give your child the best possible start in life, learning and development.

Active kids

As well as providing the basic needs of food, drink, rest and comfort, I will be planning activities that give your child the opportunity to develop and learn. Children learn best through play and we hope to enable them to develop in all areas, and activities will be appropriate to ability and age.

Any activities and routines established will be driven by the child's needs and interests and will be flexible to allow for spontaneity.

Please feel free to contact me or better still, come and meet me and hopefully I will be able to answer your questions.



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