About us

Hi I'm Louise I live in East Bierley, close to East Bierley primary school and a short distance from Birkenshaw primary.

Myself and my husband have 3 children, Leo is 9, Katie is 14 and Jessica is 21.

I have been involved in child care for over 20 years, my husband is a fully qualified chef.

       We love
the Great Outdoors

Playing outdoors is a form of excersise that promotes well-being and wholesome physical developments. Children are natuarally drawn to active play outdoors, it allows them to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and co-ordination and gain self confidence.

The places we visit such as Oakwell and Lotherton hall give our children the opportunity to connect with the natural world, first hand experiences of life and growth; endless opportunities for creativity and imagination, improved fitness and physical development- the countless benefits of outdoor play have a real positve impact on children's lives.

                                      The Importance of Outdoor Play

The outdoors is the very best place for preschoolers to practice and master emerging physical skills. It is in the outdoors that children can fully and freely experience motor skills like running, leaping, and jumping. It is also the most appropriate area for the practice of ball-handling skills such as throwing, catching, and striking. Children can perform other such manipulative skills such as pushing a swing, pulling a wagon and lifting and carrying movable objects.

                                    Outdoor Play Contributes to Learning

The outdoors has something more to offer than just physical benefits. Cognitive and social/emotional development are impacted too. Outside, children are more likely to invent games, as they do, they're able to express themselves and learn about the world in their own way. They feel safe and in control, which promotes autonomy, decision-making, and organizational skills. Inventing rules for games (as preschoolers like to do) promotes an understanding of why rules are necessary. Although the children are playing to have fun, they're learning

  • communication skills and vocabulary (as they invent, modify, and enforce rules).

  • number relationships (as they keep score and count)

  • social customs (as they learn to play together and cooperate)

Finally, what better place than the outdoors for children to be loud, messy and boisterous? Outside they can run and jump and yell, and expend some of the energy that is usually inappropriate to do indoors.

Places we visit

Oakwell hall - park and nature trail

Lotherton hall - bird garden, nature walks and park

East Bierley park - local walk and feeding ducks

Manor Heath park - park and jungle experience

Shibdon park - park and walks

Horsforth park - large sand pit play area and oriental garden

Pudsey park - park and country park visitor centre

Tropical world - visitor attraction

Temple newsam - play area and farm

Judy woods - nature walk

Crows nest park - play area, gardens and walks



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